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The best WoW Gold sellers of 2011:

#1 WoW Gold SellerWoW Gold
WoW Gold AwardWoW Silver Award
1. IGE – Fast and reliable delivery

“The most trusted WoW gold seller. Fast delivery and friendly support.” –

2. RPGStash – more servers, powerleveling and more

The demand for WoW gold is huge and because of this we’ve made a list of reliable sites where you can safely buy your WoW Gold. The current number one on the list of is IGE, who has received the 2010 WoW Gold Facts award for fast and reliable delivery of WoW gold and services. We have also published a number of articles about how to buy World of Warcraft gold in a safe manner.

To buy wow gold – to buy wow gold

WoW GoldWith a couple of years of economic crisis, attempts from Blizzard’s side to prevent the trafficking of wow gold and a race to the bottom of the Chinese WoW gold suppliers, we are now in a situation where despite the fact that so many are trying to sell wow gold, the buyers still have problems to find good sellers. is a humble attempt to rectify this. No one who plays World of Warcraft should have his account closed only because those who deliver wow gold has not managed their security properly. The prices of different suppliers is quite different and also the quality and speed of delivery. As a buyer, it’s very difficult to carefully go through all the offers that appear to be too good to be true and the slightly more expensive but more serious sellers.

Therefore, we want to help you to buy wow gold with as little trouble as possible. We have tested all the suppliers that we write about and can ensure that they operate their business professionally. We only list sellers who have good support around the clock, lots of satisfied customers and long experience in the industry.

WoW Gold is updated

The page you are currently reading is version 2 of – We have updated the page a bit and now it displays only the two most reliable suppliers of WoW gold. Most people who have previously looked at opportunities to buy wow gold have probably seen or heard that IGE has long been the largest seller in the industry. They have had time for a change of ownership and controversies with Blizzard themselves, but the problems are now solved for the better, and the supplies are stable for over two years now. It seems that IGE has decided to remain the king of the sellers of WoW gold. That’s why we recommend them. This may change, but you remain safe as long as you choose to buy wow gold from the vendors that we list here. We recommend you to bookmark this site so that when you need more wow gold, you can come back here and select one of the sites on the list.